The Management Board

The members of the Management Board of the HCSA are:

MUDr. Martin Valent
MUDr. Martina Malá
JUDr. Lucia Pastiriková
JUDr. Ing. Jana Ježíková
MUDr. Peter Jacko, PhD.
MUDr. Róbert Illéš, PhD., MPH
Chairman (was appointed on 20th May 2021)
Deputy Chairman (since 01st November 2022)
Member (since 04th November 2021)
Member (since 01st November 2022)
Member (since 01st November 2022)
Member (since 23rd May 2024)

The tenure of the membership in the Management Board lasts five years. The membership is limited to two following tenures at most.

The Management Board

  1. approves report on activities of the HCSA
  2. proposes auditor for verifying the final accounts and the proposal is submitted to the Supervisory Board for approval
  3. takes standpoint on the draft of budget of the HCSA
  4. takes standpoint on the draft of report on economic activities of the HCSA
  5. takes standpoint on the proposal for appointment of Deputy Chairman and Director of a branch or dismissal from these posts
  6. discuss the issues submitted by the Chairman and the Supervisory Board
  7. approves internal norms, particularly norms concerning organizational scheme, labour provisions, remuneration, finance and economic activities of the HCSA
  8. approves procedures for holding its meeting

The Management Board holds meetings regularly, at least once in trimester. 

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